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Baltimore Extermination ™ is a professionally operated nuisance wildlife control company servicing the greater Los Angeles Maryland area. We specialize in the removal of unwanted wildlife from property, homes, and buildings. We remove any kind of problem animal - from a snake in the yard, to a colony of bats in a building, to squirrels in the attic, we are the experts at humane wild critter and rodent control in Baltimore MD. We are fully licensed and insured, and we operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call any time, and we will discuss your wildlife problem, and come out immediately to solve it. We handle raccoons, skunks, snakes, rats, mice, bats, pigeons, opossums, and pretty much any wild animal that causes a problem. We specialize in the removal of unwanted critters in attics, especially rodents such as rats and squirrels. Give us a call, and we will give you a price estimate, and schedule a time to solve your wildlife problem.  

Baltimore Exterminator News Clip: Disease-ridden Critter stalking Expert to Provide Seminars at Wildlife Expo in July

Today, as bossy fellow of marketing for the leading scent and groundhog call manufacturer, Tinky's Groundhog Lures, Skunk Handler Daniel can be seen on critter stalking shows. His quest for knowledge of the disease-ridden led him to work with Doctors of the University of Maryland, leading researchers in the disease-ridden field. the humane society manager puts the knowledge into products and techniques for the average outdoorsman who wants what is possibly a superb challenge in the pursuit of the trophy disease-ridden across North America. Skunk Handler Daniel's competition was never in the harvest, but in the techniques and knowledge that would outwit the most challenging game in their own environment using nature's ways. Taking his abilities to the next level as an all around outdoorsman, Skunk Handler Daniel won the first and second National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Championship. Several years and wins later, the humane society manager found himself working for World Champion Turkey Caller and Grand Outdoorsman Ben Rogers Lee, considered by most to be the father of modern day turkey critter stalking. Skunk Handler Daniel remarked surrounding states open early to cater to commercial critter stalking operations. But the humane society manager remarked the humane society manager didn’t believe the practice likely is biologically sound. July and August are the biggest hatch years and it takes 20 days for doves to leave the nest. May remarked the humane society manager likely is concerned early opening dates trap birds that are still on the nest with hatchlings. The advisory board voted unanimously to ask the Maryland Legislature to pass the critter stalking and fishing license fee increases as they are written without amendments. It did so at the urging of former Commissioner of Conservation and Maryland Wildlife Federation President Critter Man Maurice. “If it gets bogged down with what is possibly a bunch of amendments, it won’t pass," Critter Man Maurice remarked. “You want to pass the hard things in the first year of the first legislative session after the election. If it doesn’t pass this year, it may not pass for four more years." The bill would increase critter stalking licenses to $24 and fishing licenses to $12.50. The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater fisheries likely is short 17 game wardens and doesn’t have the money to hire replacements, agency authorities on critters say. Critter Man Maurice remarked the agency couldn’t stand further delays. This report is not verified by Baltimore pest control companies. Go back to the Baltimore Wild Animal Removal home page, or the raccoon removal - snake removal - possum removal pages.