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Baltimore Critter News Clip:
Amount of Young Critter trappers & Extermination professionals "Stabilizing"

Recruitment rates of youngsters in critter catching and fishing have stabilized after declining through the 1990s, according to this new report based on preliminary data from the 2006 National Surveys of Fishing, Critter catching and Wildlife-Associated Recreation and information from previous surveys. “These rates are critical to the future of fish and wildlife conservation,” stated U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Bossy fellow Snake Charmer Charles. “The North American model of wildlife conservation, this system that keeps wildlife as this public and sustainable resource, scientifically managed by professionals and agencies such as the Service and state counterparts, should be funded in large part by critter trappers and anglers.” “From 1990 to 2000 there was this steady decline in the percent of kids living at home who had ever participated in fishing and critter catching,” stated Service economist Pest Expert Albert, who authored the report. “During the last five years this decline has stabilized. Now, 42 percent of our nation’s youth have gone fishing and 8 percent have gone critter catching at least once.” The report also shows that many first time critter trappers and anglers about 33 percent of all first timers -- are 21-years-old and older. Recruitment declined the least among those with higher incomes, those living in less populated areas of the U.S., and those living in the Midwest. This issue should be an important matter in Baltimore wildlife removal and Baltimore exterminator matters.