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Baltimore Snake Removal, Control

We provide professional snake removal services in Baltimore. Venomous snakes are rare, but we can safely identify and remove your snake for you, on your property or in your house. We are available 24-7 for snake removal, and come to your house fast. You can call us right now for snake removal in the Baltimore area.

If you don't want to hire us, here is a guid for How to Get Rid of Snakes in Baltimore yourself - So you have a problem with snakes on your property and you would like to rid yourself of that problem as soon as possible. Totally understandable ! While there are clearly some benefits being on your land, there are also many detractors and these are reasons enough to get rid of them. No one would blame you for wanting to be snake free.

If you find yourself in this predicament, you should not fret. There are some actions you can take to get rid of snakes on your property, repel them from coming onto your property and exterminate them all together should that become necessary.

If prevention is your main focus right now, then the best place to start is with a repellant for Baltimore snake control. There are both commercial and homemade remedies you can use that will help you to keep snakes away. These products all come with pros and cons that you should be aware of. For example, the best commercial brands of repellants usually contain naphthalene in them, which has been known to make humans and animals sick, and can cause cancer. It is the active ingredient found in mothballs, and can be hazardous, but it is also highly effective. If you are able to put this in an area where you know your pets or children cannot get to, then maybe it becomes the option for you.

There are other commercial products that do not contain this chemical, and they are effective. However, they are not as effective. It is your choice of effectiveness versus safety that becomes the debate you have to wage with yourself.

Many opt for predator urines, like those of coyotes or bobcats. Both of these animals are predators of the snake, and snakes know it. When they smell the urine they head the other direction which can keep them from your property. They are also very strong smells, which can keep more than the snakes from coming to your home. Your neighbors may not like the smell of coyote urine near their home either.

For those looking to get snakes off of their property you need to look at removing areas of refuge where they may lurk. Maryland nakes like to make their homes in areas where they can be unseen. This means you need to cut your grass, remove low lying branches from around trees and shrubs, and pick up tarps, branches and other debris in your yard. Be sure that openings around your home, shed and garage are properly sealed and that snakes cannot find easy access under your porch or into your home.

There are traps you can buy to try to capture and move the snakes to other locations, but you should be aware that most of these have very limited effectiveness. Because of how small snakes are, and how easily they can wiggle their way through most openings, traps only are effective on larger snakes. If we can't find and remove the snake, we use traps as part of our Baltimore snake removal process.

One of the trap options that has some genuine effectiveness are glue traps. In these kind of traps the snake is lured into a box with some kind of bait. The bottom layer of the box is lined with a glue like substance that sticks to the snake and it is unable to escape. You simply close up the box and take the snake somewhere else to release it. These box traps are only effective with smaller snakes, because most larger snakes are able to free themselves.

If you are unable to find any kind of success with one of these options then you can look at more traditional options. Obviously the most common of these is to try to poison or gas the snake. Known food or water areas can have poisons added to them so that when the snake digests or absorbs the poison it is rendered dead.

These are very effective, but work just as well on your cat or dog. If the snake is easy able to access these areas, then you can be sure that your pets will as well. This can lead them to be poisoned as well, and you have an unintended consequence of your plan.

If you know the location of the den of the snake you can opt to gas or smoke the snake. Gases will kill the snake in its den. You can also start a small fire in the front of the opening and let the oxygen get sucked out of the den causing the snake to suffocate.

If you opt for either of these options ensures that the Baltimore snake does not have an alternate exit before proceeding. Your plan will be thwarted if the snake can simply head out of another hole. Also if you are using a gas keep your pets away from there for a few days so that they are not affected by the lingering gas of the poison. Go back to the Baltimore Wild Animal Removal home page.