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Baltimore Possum Removal, Control, Trapping

Opossums commonly enter attics of houses. We specialize in the removal of all possums in the attic, both the mother and young if present. We repair the damage they have caused, and seal the entry hole shut so that no more possums can get back inside. If you have a problem with opossums outside, and need humane Baltimore opossum removal, we provide trapping services. We catch the animals and relocate them far from your property so they don't come back.

Opossum Repellent - Besides being one of the ugliest creatures that God ever made, the opossum is simply a real troublesome creature to try to deal with. They get into things, tear apart your property, harass your pets, and they can be the carriers of disease and parasites that you simply don’t want in or around your home.

The opossum is the kind of unwelcome guest that you simply can live without. The problem is that they don’t to go. They will find a home in your attic or under your home and will stay for as long as there is a room for them. The likelihood is that there will always be a room, because you probably don’t know they are there. They will stay for as long as they can, and you may never even know that they are there. Just think about how much mess they can cause in a week or two. Trust me; it is a lot.

The solution may be to use a repellant to keep them away from your home. These repellants are amazing in how effectively they can keep opossums away from your home. This will keep your home, your family and your pets safe from the troubles these creatures can cause.

There are several different possum repellants that you could buy on the market for Baltimore opossum removal. All of these are quite effective, and are built to last for quite some time. Many include oil-based ingredients that allow them to remain even when it is raining. This ensures that your protection doesn’t go down the drain as the rains fall.

While these commercial brands can be quite effective and do the job for you, there are also homemade remedies you can use that can equally as effective. They will get the job done for you and you will know that you can have a possum free home.

There are two mixtures that have had the best results so far. The first of these is to combine ammonia with mothballs. While some are absolutely sure of the success of this option, there are those who have their doubts. Yet, this is a proven method. Soaking the mothballs in ammonia and then leaving them around your property provides a smell that the opossum finds quite offensive to their nose. The one problem with this option is that mothballs can be quite costly. If you have a large property this can be an expensive option to try to use.

You can also try the combination of hot sauce and dish soap. This is not as much an assault on their olfactory sense as it is on the taste buds. When the opossum eats or licks something that has the mixture on it their tongues will instantly burn. This will cause them to be absolutely miserable and they will soon find your home is not as pleasant a spot to visit as once believed. The problem with this option is that rain can easily wash away your mixture. You will need spray rather frequently to keep the potency level high.

All these remedies have their merits and all of them have been known to work, but one of the more frequently used options these days is to use the urine of natural predators to opossums like coyotes. You can order yourself some coyote or wolf urine and leave it around your property. When the opossum smells the urine it will believe that a coyote or wolf is there and high tail it out of there. Realistically it cannot take the risk that a real predator like this is present.

The one problem with using this option is where its benefit comes from. Coyote or wolf urine may be a great deterrent to keeping Baltimore opossums away, but it also leaves a smell that you may not like around your home either. Urine is a very strong smell, and obviously not a good one. When your home has urine spread all over it that smell is something you will notice everyday as well. The question then becomes which is more important to you; the removal of the opossum or the lack of any urine smell.

Another option that is not necessarily a repellant is to consider narrowing where the opossum will go. If you have a larger property, you may want to access for yourself whether you can provide a specific location where the opossum can go to get food. If you make it a place that is fairly secluded then you ensure that the critters will only go to one place and not be in your garbage cans or in your attic. This is one of those “if you can’t beat them then join them” approaches that may be the ultimate solution for what you are truly trying to accomplish, which is to keep the possums out of your home, and away from your home. Go back to the Baltimore Wild Animal Removal home page.