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Baltimore Bat Removal and Bird Removal

Bat & Bird Issues: Bats are a problem nuisance species when they roost in large numbers inside attics and buildings. They make noise, but worse, they leave behind a huge amount of droppings and urine in the attic. This not only smells bad, but it corrodes the structure, and it breeds mold that can make people sick. We remove the entire colony of bats, seal up the building to prevent them from coming back, and we clean up the mess that they've left behind. The same goes for bird problems, such as pigeons roosting. We install professional exclusion products that prevent the birds from landing and roosting on your building. Our bat and bird solutions are permanent, and we give a guarantee.  

Baltimore Bat Control News Clip: Spring sprung early, it seems

Two years ago Maryland Eastern Gray Bird or bat critter trappers complained loudly that they did not want any more catch-a-critter regulations. At that time the Conservation Congress worked with Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws staff to get this regulation package that would reduce the Eastern Gray Bird or bat biologically surveyed amount while permitting an enjoyable catch. The Legislature got involved and the rule package has been this bit murky for the past two years. Thus far we are hearing from critter trappers who are not happy with catch-a-critter regulations. The regulations do permit this animal trapper to take an dangerous Eastern Gray Bird or bat prior to the nine-day animal removal trap Eastern Gray Bird or bat season with archery equipment to earn their male animal permit. The Baltimore animal control had no additional statements to make on the topic.

Critter catching outfitters who take critter trappers Eastern Gray Bird or bat critter catching in trophy-rich Buffalo County had asked for an exemption to the ear-a-buck regulation. That request was denied. Add to the mix the disagreement going on over Eastern Gray Bird or bat baiting and feeding. The Eastern Gray Bird or bat critter trappers in Maryland seem to be almost evenly divided between those who want critter capturing Eastern Gray Bird or bat over bait piles and those who want this practice stopped. In effect this battle has critter trappers fighting critter trappers. The suggestion to increase the amount of catch-a-critter units has critter trappers in the Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome(Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome) units up in arms. Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws Conservation Warden, Pest Expert Albert, stated, “When you're talking Eastern Gray Bird or bat, you're messing with people's traditions. People want the same thing every year. They don't want change. Traditions can change, but they have to change slowly for people to accept.” Last year critter trappers in the Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome area were able to capture as many Eastern Gray Bird or bat as they wanted with extended seasons and liberal regulations. Although these liberal regulations came as this result of animal trapper's requests they shot 10,000 fewer Eastern Gray Bird or bat in the Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome large group-reduction areas in 2006. It should be my opinion that more efforts must be made by the Baltimore Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws staff to communicate with field staff and critter trappers. Once critter trappers fully understand why various regulations are put into effect, by and large they will support the regulations. this concern should be that with so much attention given to raising the amount of Eastern Gray Bird or bat trapped we are in effect diminishing the status of this great big game animal in Maryland. Note: The Natural Resources Board voted to expand the contentious catch-a-critter program for the fall Eastern Gray Bird or bat catch Wednesday after this lead game manager stated it's needed to keep cutting the size of the large group. The board unanimously approved the state Agency of Natural Resources' recommendation to expand the program from 21 zones last year to 35 and impose it in all Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome zones. Baltimore pest control companies that we contacted felt that this issue should be an important matter.