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Baltimore Raccoon Removal, Control, Trapping

Raccoons commonly enter attics of houses. We specialize in the removal of all raccoons in the attic, both the mother and young if present. We repair the damage they have caused, and seal the entry hole shut so that no more raccoons can get back inside. If you have a problem with raccoons outside, and need humane Baltimore raccoon removal, we provide trapping services. We catch the animals and relocate them far from your property so they don't come back.

Here is a pointless article about what we do not do, which is kill raccoons. Raccoons may look cute and fury on the outside, but they are troublesome beasts for sure. They love to get into your garbage cans and leave a mess, they will tear apart your garden, eating all your vegetables, and will leave a trail of waste that is not the yellow brick road.

No one may like to admit this but, truth be told, raccoons are disease infested creatures that are a danger to you, your family and your pets. They carry a lot of diseases with them, including rabies, and one bite by a raccoon can lead to death for someone you love. In addition to viruses, raccoons carry a great many parasites that are left as part of their waste. When they relieve themselves they leave these parasites which are dangerous to you, even if all you do is breath the air in around the waste.

You may recognize the problem and have decided to take action to get rid of that pesky raccoon. You have tried repellants, set out traps, and sealed and fenced in everything you can to keep them out, but in the long run you find that the raccoons keep returning no matter what you do. This can be a most discouraging situation which leaves you with just one remedy – you have to exterminate the raccoons.

The problem with hiring a service is that the raccoon may not come while they are there. You will have to take action yourself to remove the Baltimore raccoon problem. You may find this distasteful, but this may be the only way to keep them from returning. If exterminating them is your only option, then here are some things you can do to get rid of them. But please, don't kill them and hire us for Baltimore raccoon control.

One of the best methods to use is a poison. If the raccoon is getting into your trash can, you can simply add some poison to that so that when they eat it they will soon die. There are many commercial poisons you can find out there that will do the trick. Some work much faster than others, and this gives you options. If you want to see for yourself that the raccoon is dead, then you can use a much faster action one that will take the raccoon out right away. This means you will have to dispose of the raccoon, but you will know that it is dead.

You can also choose the option of a lot less potent poison, so the substance will take a little time to work fully. This will mean that the raccoon will go somewhere else to die, so you won’t have to cleanup at all. You also won’t know that it died for sure.

While poison rarely works well for Baltimore raccoon removal, be aware raccoons are not the only animals that can die from the poison. If your cat or dog can get to the same places that the raccoon can they will eat the same things and you will quickly have a dead pet. Be sure you are careful in what you give your pet access to once you have set out the poison.

There are also several different kinds of traps you can deploy that will do the job for you. These are the same kinds of traps that were used 200 years ago by explorers and traders to catch raccoons and skin the beasts for sale or clothing. You want to make sure that you are careful with these because if they should catch a family member or pet in them they can be quite deadly. Many of these traps are not legal in some states, so check with your local police department before making the decision to use one.

For those who feel like thy want to be more involved in the kill for themselves, you can always shoot the raccoon when it comes to your home. While this option ensures that you are successful, it also means you have to sit out and keep a constant vigil until you spot the beast and are able to mortally wound it. You should also be aware that there are fire arms laws in many cities, and shooting a raccoon may not be lawful within the city limits.

If you are an expert bowman you can always try shooting the raccoon with a bow and arrow. This has the same issue you would find with shooting the critter in that you must be keeping vigil for when it comes. If you don’t have the time to do this then you will not bag your trophy.

These may seem like inhumane ways to deal with the creatures, but the reality is that these are very dangerous animals because of the disease they carry. You have to look out for your own health and welfare and this may be the only option available to you. Go back to the Baltimore Wild Animal Removal home page.