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About Maryland Foxes

Fox is a wild animal with bushy tail, pointed muzzle, short legs, radish brown or gray fur and large ear. This animal has deep thick fur and paws which help it to exchange heat through countercurrent which helps it to retain the core temperature of the body. Also, the Baltimore fox is endowed with enough fat in the body which increase it adaptability in extreme cold weather condition. The artic fox has furry paws which made it easy to search for food even inside snow. The animal normally locates the prey with the sense of hearing. The season of the year determines the color of the fur and it is brown in color in summer and white during the winter so as to blend perfectly with snow color.

The Biology
Depending on the Maryland fox specie the breeding season differs. Artic fox usually stats the breeding season from the month of September to early May. It has 52 days gestation period and give to birth 5-8 liters. However, there are some foxes that can give birth to as many as 25 liters. The male and female bring up their young together and afterword the female go back to live with other females while the male fox remain with the children. Young fox usually assist in bringing up the young once.

The Life Cycle
During the breeding season, fox normally go back to the natal den constructed at snow bank area, rock pile or even on the ridge side. Fox dens usually have up to 12 openings for entry and exit and some even have up to 100 openings and can last for centuries. The standard Baltimore pups number is 12 and most of the kids find it difficult surviving to the adult stage. When food is scarce the kids will compete and the stronger one will feed on the weaker one. Fox normally wean the baby after 4 weeks and it normally reaches the adulthood by 12 month. In captivity foxes can easily live up to 15 years but there is always high mortality rate while in the wild due to lots of enemies and predators.

The Habitat
Fox specie determines where they live. The artic foxes are known to live in the region with artic which include: Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Russia and Canada. They animals usually live in den dug on the hill side, riverbanks and even cliff side. Also, this Maryland fox specie normally live in areas without trees at temperature ranging from 68 to 76 F.

The Diet
The foxes feed mainly on smaller animals such as lemmings, hares, voles, owls, eggs and carrion. The lemming is the main food of a Baltimore fox and sea pup forms main food by the month of April and May. Also, during the winter foxes usually feed on fishes bellow ice sheet.

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About Maryland Foxes

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