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We perform poison-free Baltimore rodent control for a PERMANENT solution to rodent problems in homes and buildings. We don't just kill them, we prevent any new rodents from ever entering your home again.

It is not uncommon for rodents to chew on wires. Rodents chew on everything and wires are just another source to prevent overgrowing of teeth, another source of nest material, access point to get from point A to point B,-there are numerous different answers to why do rodents chew on wires, but it is undisputable fact that they DO chew on wires.

Most often rodents will chew on wires due to first two mentioned reasons. Their teeth need to be grinded so they don't overgrow. If rodents don't chew on something, their teeth will overgrow and this will be painful and dangerous for them. This is why they always chew on something and wires are often choice-because there are so many of them inside human homes and around them.

With the fact that Baltimore rodents don't avoid your home wiring, it is a logical conclusion that your entire home and processes that happen in home are in jeopardy because rodents chew on wires. Wires are part of house installations-electricity, phone, in some cases television and internet signal-all of this come to our homes through wires which are then going through walls and attics in our home, where they get exposed to rodents.

The easiest answer that comes to mind when we ask ourselves a question what will happen due to Baltimore rodents chewing on wires in your home is that you can easily stay without electricity, phone line, television or internet signal. Energy outages are quite often problem in homes where there are rodents. It is actually one of the first tell-tale signs that house is under rodent infestation. Another connected problem is number of false alarms, if you have alarm system in your home. Rodents might chew on wires of alarm system and it will go out without any reason to; on the other side, rodents can trigger off alarm system while they mess with wires and cause many unnecessary alarms and stress for both you and your family as well as security company.

Another big problem that is high hazard for your home is potential fire hazard due to chewed-on wires that are without insulation. It is important to occasionally check all your home wiring system to prevent potential problems, because this will help you act in prevention before any of mentioned problems occur. It might be too late for checking wiring if your home burns down because of open wires.

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