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Do artificial owls keep away birds?

Homeowners normally use different kinds of strategies for driving away birds from their gardens. In all cases the preference should be to scare away Baltimore birds in a manner where no harm should come to them. Different strategies are used in this regard, but the use of decoy owls is considered as very much popular. This concept has its own benefits as well as drawbacks and in this section we will throw light upon all these. Owls are considered as natural predators for most of the birds so in their presence birds prefer to avoid visiting any kind of property. Owls are considered as decent sources for keeping away birds from different properties. The main theory present behind the use of decoy owls is that their presence will scare away birds and they will not visit your area considering that threat is present for them.

Using owls is very much simple and you don’t have to face many complications here. It is about placing owl in the area where you don’t want any kind of invasion from birds. If there is fencing present near your lawn, then attach owl to it. There are different hardware stores present from where you can easily purchase decoy owls of different kinds. Coming towards their maintenance you have the opportunity of moving these Baltimore birds and also they don’t need any kind of special care. There are even owls present which come with moving parts so they produce a more natural impact. However, questions are also imposed upon the working potential and efficiency of owls because it has been noticed that initially these leave impact upon birds, but it is short lived and with the passage of time the moving capacity as well as condition declines and birds also learn that it will no longer move and they stop getting scared. Birds get used to the spinning movements of head so they take it lightly and don’t bother much. Sometimes you also have to face issues related with the placement of owls. If you will place it in a larger area, then again from a distance birds will find their chances for invasion. It will not be wrong to mention here that for short time periods these can be regarded as effective options, but you simply can’t use these for extended time periods it is a fact, which should always be kept in mind.

Many home owners who have preferred to use this product don’t feel satisfied and often impose different kinds of complains. Therefore, we suggest that before availing this option you should consider your situation and accordingly things should be planned. It is not wise to jump to any conclusion first you should think and after this make the final choice.

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