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What Diseases do Coyotes Carry and What are the Symptoms of a Sick Coyote?

Baltimore coyotes are animals that are known to travel in groups in search for food and strangely, they are found both in the wild and also in the urban areas. So this means that whenever they decide to attack or invade a certain area, the effects can be very fatal. They come together to form some groups whenever food is abundant in a certain area.

Description of the coyote
Identifying a Maryland coyote might be difficult in case you are the person who finds it hard to differentiate between a wolf, a fox and a coyote. They seem alike but their physical posture is really the distinction between them. They are gray animals which happen to have a rusty appearance on the neck and to add to the list, they do have some black patches on the basal part of the tail. More to that, the Baltimore coyotes are known to run as fast as 40 miles per hour and they are very curious to know and that forms the basis of their conflicts with the human counterpart.

Prevention basis of the coyotes
Coyotes are very curious animals and like to very much explore the surrounding where they live and as they do that, you will find that they will be in constant troubles with the humans and thus calling for the prevention measures. They are clever, adaptable and more to that, they easily take advantage of the new areas of exploration and thus you will have to be very apt at preventing them. The following are the reasons why you will need to prevent them:
- They will eat the pet food.
- They will constantly disturb the garbage and destroy them.
- They will cause dirt in the surrounding where they are.
- They might spread disease to the animals and also the human beings.
All these are the reasons why you will need to keep of the Baltimore coyotes form your compound as far as possible.

Diseases that the coyotes carry
There are various diseases that the Maryland coyotes are associated with and some are very dangerous as far as your health and that of your animals is concerned. Here are some of the diseases. Rabies. This is the most common and the most visible of the diseases that the coyotes carry. The rabies virus, symptoms include:
- Foaming in the mouth.
- Lethargic behaviors.
- Aggressiveness.
- Fearlessness.
Therefore, if you notice such signs, then know that the coyote is sick with rabies virus.

Canine distemper. This is another common disease with the coyotes. The symptoms include:
- The animal will be having fever, high fever.
- There will be the nose and the eye discharge.
- More to that, the animal will be experiencing loss of appetite.
- The animal will be having severe coughs.

What is even worse, the symptoms appear like that of the rabies virus:
- Canine heartworm. This is another disease that the coyotes suffer from. It is transmitted to the pets through the mosquito bites.
- All these are the various diseases that the coyotes will carry. Others include the mange mites and the tape worms.

You will need to be fervently careful when it comes to the handling of the coyotes otherwise wrong handling or entertaining the Baltimore coyote might land you in serious troubles.

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